Scuba diving instructor training 

A professional scuba diving instructor training can be pretty simple to partake given that you know exactly what to do. Here are the steps that’ll guide you to victory:

Basics: An Open Water Diving course is extremely pertinent to becoming a coach. This course will be educational in the beginning, providing you with knowledge about the human body relative to water, the water bodies around, the diving strategies and so on. Next up are diving classes in pools or other safe water environments so that you get a grip on what you need to do. The skills they teach you will keep getting harder and more specific, until you get the knacks for diving.

Advanced: Once that course is done and dusted, you can move to the PADI Advanced Open Water course which as the name indicates is more challenging. You’ll learn deep water diving, water celestial navigation plus three other dives that you can cherry-pick from a list.

First aid:Next in scuba diving instructor training is the Rescue Diver course. Here you’ll learn how to deal with an emergency, especially on that requires first aid. Once you know the basics, you’ll again be taken to the safe water sites where you’ll need to apply what you’ve grasped. This is very important since being an instructor means that you’ll see divers in trouble very routinely and may need to use CPR or other methods to bring them back to life.

Master class: Next up is the Dive Master Course. By this time, you’ll be pretty confident about yourself because not only will you know diving like the back of your hand but you’ll also be equipped to deal with predicaments on the job. But to become a master at it, you need this one course on your list. Here you’ll get more advanced training like using boats, and assisting professionals so you get to know how they work. You’ll also need to take some academic courses in marine biology, human anatomy and the physics of water and our body so that you’re knowledgeable apart from being skilled. You will necessitate a bare minimum of 60 dives before the certificate is awarded to you, which means that the water will become a second home.

Last step: Last is the Instructor Development course which’ll take around 3 weeks where you’ll need to pass some exams in flying colors. Your scuba diving instructor training will then be complete.